Red Chilli

When it comes to Red Chilli, then our company is among the most preferred names. We are engaged in offering premium Red Chilli in two forms- Dried Red Chilli and Red Chilli Powder. Red Chilli, that we provide, is appreciated for its spicy hot flavor. Besides that, Red Chilli is also an amazing coloring agent. That is why, our Red Chilli is in extensive demand in hotels, restaurants and food joints. Red Chilli, that we provide, is also known for its various health benefits. Furthermore, one can avail high quality Red Chilli from us at very reasonable prices.

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Dried Red Chilli

One can avail the finest quality Dried Red Chilli from our company. We export and supply all types of Dried Red Chilli in various grades, such as 334, 273, No.5, 341, Teja, Wonder hot, Badgy, Fatiky ( Talu ), etc. Dried Red Chilli, that we offer, is highly acclaimed for its spicy flavor and desirable color. Avail premium Dried


Red Chilli Powder

We are offering various types of Red Chilli Powder that are distinguished by their spiciness. Red Chilli Powder, that we make available, is made from high quality Red Chilli and is free from any impurity. Our Red Chilli Powder is extensively demanded in households, hotels, restaurants, food joints, etc. Avail premium Red Chilli